The Al Haram Showroom is the UK's largest independent perfumery, bakhoor, and Islamic shop.


Unveiling the Captivating Fragrance World of Al Haram Perfumes

The Al Haram Showroom is the UK's largest independent perfumery, bakhoor, and Islamic shop. Our whole brand is extremely essential in our customer service, and our retail department and online have fully trained employees who are always available with the expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to help you select the appropriate perfume for yourself or a loved one.

Al Haram Perfumes was born out of a passion for the art of perfumery. Its founder, Abdul Aziz, is a visionary with an exquisite sense of smell and an unwavering commitment to creating olfactory masterpieces. He believed that a fragrance had the power to evoke emotions, memories, and even transport one to different realms.

With this profound belief, Al Haram Perfumes set out on a quest to curate an extraordinary collection of fragrances and bakhoor brands. Their dedication to excellence led them to source the most exquisite scents, carefully selecting each brand to ensure that only the finest perfumes and bakhoor graced their inventory.

The brand's commitment to customer satisfaction was unparalleled. Al Haram Perfumes understood that the world was constantly evolving, with digital platforms becoming an integral part of people's lives. Thus, they created an online store that is a haven for fragrance enthusiasts. Their virtual shelves showcased hundreds of fragrance and bakhoor brands, all available for customers to browse at their leisure. The online experience is designed to be seamless and intuitive, ensuring that customers could easily explore and discover their perfect scent.

However, Al Haram Perfumes also recognized the value of a personal touch. They believed that the true beauty of fragrances could only be fully appreciated through an immersive experience. Hence, they opened a magnificent showroom in the heart Birmingham.


A wide selection of perfumes and cosmetics always at great prices

We have become one of the Largest e-shop with perfumes and Bakhoor's in Europe in 10+ years on the market. Today on Al Haram Perfumes you can choose from 1,500+ unique products from global and smaller local brands. At the same time, we are constantly working on bringing new and better offers for you every day.

Here at Al Haram Perfumes, we're committed to you, our fabulous customers . We want you to enjoy shopping with us, whether you're looking to treat yourself or searching for the perfect gift, we're here for you - however you choose to shop.



We are always here for you.

The satisfaction of our customers has always been and will always be our top priority. Every day we work to ensure that everything runs smoothly like a Swiss watch. We work six days a week, so we can help you choose the right product or solve any technical issues at any time.